The Role of Community in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy for Special Ops

On April 25th, 2023, the Military Special Operations Family Collaborative hosted a SOF Health Deep Dive live Q&A with several experts (jump to experts) on these important questions surrounding psychedelic-assisted therapy for special operations community members:

  • What do we know about previous and ongoing psychedelic therapy research?
  • What questions should SOF veterans and families be asking?
  • How do we navigate the intersection of community, faith, and psychedelic use?

Please share this page widely with any special ops service members, veterans, family members, and providers in your networks to help us get the information and resources (jump to resources) to everyone who might need to know.

And if you attended the live event, or watched the recording, please share your feedback (here) so we can continue to improve these events in the future. Thank you!

Deep Dive Replay

Deep Dive Expert Speakers

Resources on Cancer in SOF

Dr. Ghaznavi’s Slides

Click to view the PDF slides

Research & Academic Papers

If you missed the March Team Room you can watch the replays at the Global SOF Foundation website. And check out other virtual SOF health events by subscribing to MSOFC’s YouTube channel.

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