Our Programs

You are not alone.

MSOFC connects you with the health and well-being resources you need at the right time and right place on your family’s journey, from basic qualification and into life after service.

SOF Team Room

Born of the need for open, honest conversation after 20 years of the Global War on Terror and the Afghanistan withdrawal, the virtual SOF Team Room is a quarterly virtual interactive event featuring candid discussions on key health and well-being topics facing our community, co-hosted with Global SOF Foundation.

SOF Health Deep Dive

Following each SOF Team Room, we host a SOF Health Deep Dive virtual event where health experts drill down on a single health topic for a full two hours. We dig into the research and evidence behind treatment options, how to find effective treatment, and why the family care model is critical to achieving long-lasting results.

Connecting SOF

Connecting SOF is a free, online directory of health and well-being resources that meet the unique needs of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. MSOFC is working to develop an evidence-based, 5-star, rating rubric cultural competency, evidence-based care and resource effectiveness, as well as quality and ethics. This platform will scale over time to stimulate providers and programs to seek education and training to improve programs, resources, and care for SOF.

The Warrior’s Table

Now available for pre-order at Ballast Books, The Warrior’s Table is a joint compilation of stories, games, conversation starters, military history, heritage, and go-to recipes storytelling the SOF family experience over the course of a full career & into life after service. This book will ignite your senses, affirm your feelings, and help energize your table. Come join us on our journey — because it's your journey, too.

For more details on any of our programs, or if you’d like to volunteer with us, please reach out and let us know!

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