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MSOFC enables families to achieve and sustain their maximum potential. This requires efforts as diverse and meaningful as the symbolic capacity of the poppy flower. The red poppy is broadly used to recognize fallen service members – the most paramount tradition in our community. It became the symbol for Remembrance Day because it flourished on battlefields following WWI. Poppy flowers also signify sentiments of rest, recovery, imagination, beauty, success, consolation, and hope. Poppies are beautiful flowers that thrive in tough conditions – just as the men, women, and children who make-up the special operations community.

The blues and teal of the primary MSOFC color palette evoke comfort, possibility, and the energy of members of our community. They work together to create an identity that feels modern and inspiring. The secondary palette of mint and gold brings warmth and groundedness, as we add certainty to the SOF journey for families.

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