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Lynnsy Snook is an Air Force veteran and 18-year Special Operations spouse with a passion for supporting military families and connecting them with resources across all levels to meet their diverse needs. An advocate of continuous learning, she earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Lynnsy brings experience in leadership, analysis, training, and volunteer management to achieve the MSOF mission. In her personal time, she enjoys exploring new locales, sampling her husband’s cooking, and leisurely bike rides with her two sons.

Lynnsy Snook

Operations Director

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Service Member & Veteran Program Fellow
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MSOF enables families to achieve and sustain their maximum potential. This requires efforts as diverse and meaningful as the symbolic capacity of the poppy flower. The red poppy is broadly used to recognize fallen service members – the most paramount tradition in our community. It became the symbol for Remembrance Day because it flourished on battlefields following WWI. Poppy flowers also signify sentiments of rest, recovery, imagination, beauty, success, consolation, and hope. Poppies are beautiful flowers that thrive in tough conditions – just as the men, women, and children who make-up the Special Operations community. 

The blues and teal of the primary MSOF color palette evoke comfort, possibility, and the energy of members of our community. They work together to create an identity that feels modern and inspiring. The secondary palette of mint and gold brings warmth and groundedness, as we add certainty to the SOF journey for families.


Why is MSOF a collaborative effort?

MSOF believes sharing our perspective, challenges, and experiences leads to better resources, support, balance, achievement, and family well-being. Inherent and fundamental in collaboration is respect, authenticity, humility, and listening. To meet the needs of our families, we need to know their experience. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community, securely expressed and compassionately heard, through the Collaborative. Then, further work with partnering organizations and experts to provide resources capable of adding certainty to the Special Operations family journey.

Who is MSOF designed to support?

MSOF believes family and community are connected and essential for family and service member support. We value all voices, in all Special Operations Forces (SOF), from all family members, friends, and the broader American community. We are an organization supporting SOF families as they first enter our community, serve, and experience retirement. Uniting our community enhances support for our force and families. 

How does MSOF help Special Operations Families connect?

Our focus is connecting individuals and families to resources and social outlets that align with their own health and achievement goals. If families meet other Special Operations families in those spaces, it is a double win! MSOF believes knowing other families in Special Operations is important. 

What type of organization is MSOF?

MSOF incorporated as a nonprofit organization in Florida in December 2018. It was founded by a diverse group of Special Operations families. We are the only Special Operations-wide, family-focused, and all virtual organization serving our community. MSOF became a tax exempt, nonprofit organization in 2019.

What actions does MSOF take to secure the identity of collaborating Special Operations families, entities, and individuals?

Privacy and security of our families, our collaborators, and our force is a paramount concern. We take several precautions to secure our efforts. We collaborate in a manner that collects minimal personal or identifying information, and we collaborate with cyber security experts routinely. If you still have a concern, or know of a precaution we should be taking, please reach out and let us know. Trust is critical to our community and our mission.

How is MSOF different than a mentorship program?

MSOF seeks to enhance and inform any effort that contributes to Special Operations family balance, success, and support. We develop resources that could be used within a mentorship program, but we are a completely separate entity than the military unit-sponsored mentorship programs. The common intent of command sponsored, mentorship programs is to create relationships, build connections, and promote individual development in order to fill the gaps in current Family Programs. These programs are often intended to contribute to the United States Special Operations Command’s Preservation of the Force and Family (USSOCOM’s POTFF) initiatives. 

How is MSOF different than military family organizations such as a Family Readiness Group (FRG) affiliated with the military unit?

MSOF seeks to enhance and inform any effort that contributes to Special Operations family balance, success, and support. The Collaborative is not affiliated with any Command, FRG, or similar readiness group. However, these groups to utilize MSOF resources. A Family Readiness Group (FRG) is a Commander’s Program supported by volunteers. Most family groups seek to support the military mission with family support and outreach connecting people. We are uniquely different because we seek to broadly connect our families virtually.

How is MSOF different than other military family resources, located on military bases and posts?

MSOF seeks to enhance and inform any effort that contributes to Special Operations family balance, success, and support. We are an organization independent from any military branch and the Department of Defense. We specialize in developing resources, based in best practices, but designed specifically for the Special Operations community. The Collaborative strategically connects our broad community to improve well-being through virtual means and by supporting existing organizations that are already enhancing and supporting families. 

Is MSOF related to other Special Operations nonprofit organizations?

The Collaborative is a virtual organization that seeks to partner and collaborate with other organizations to enhance their mission as it relates to the well-being and achievement of the broad Special Operations community. We believe we are a force multiplier for other organizations already doing great things. 

How is MSOF different than other military-related resources or websites such as Blue Star Families, The National Military Family Association, or other efforts designed for the military family?

MSOF is a separate nonprofit organization. MSOF believes it is necessary to apply precise and particular experience to meet complex problems. Everything we do relates to improving family well-being and achievement in the broad Special Operations community. We hope to collaborate with other military-related organizations.