MSOF is a nonprofit public health initiative for the special operations community.

We enable the success of SOF Warriors and Families through collaborative health and well-being research and programs.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) & their families are hurting.

The physical, mental, and social effects of SOF training and operations result in higher rates of chronic stress disorders, divorce, and suicide than conventional forces.

SOF Service Members & Veterans experience barriers to care, such as operations tempo, lack of research-based treatments, and highly complex health challenges.

Operators delay care an average of 13 years and 3 months for non-catastrophic injuries, leading to chronic pain and associated disorders.

In a 2018 MSOF survey, only 13% of SOF families believed resources met their family needs and a mere 18% felt capable of pursuing their own goals.

The current military healthcare system fails to take these factors into account, resulting in distrust and poor outcomes for service members and families.

We want to turn this downward spiral on its head, adding certainty to the journey for SOF families.


We believe America’s SpecOps Warriors and Families deserve care that:

Meets their specific needs.

Takes the whole person and family into account.

Is based on reliable evidence.


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The MSOF action loop starts with clinical and behavioral research to uncover knowledge gaps and identify best practices.


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We educate all stakeholders in the community, to include health providers, military leaders, family organizations, and other nonprofits to bridge barriers to effective care. 


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We connect servicemembers and families to high quality, practical resources at the right time and place for their needs.


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MSOF ensures feedback from the community is incorporated back into research and education, completing the loop.



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SOF Health Deep Dive: Cancer in SOF

On December 19th, 2022, we hosted a live Q&A with several experts (jump to experts) leading the way to understand cancer trends in the special operations community – several of whom are cancer survivors themselves. We heard from a SOF spouse who shared her moving story about losing her husband to cancer, and also spoke…
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SOF Health Deep Dive: Traumatic Brain Injury

If you tuned into our SOF Health Deep Dive on September 19, 2022, you participated in a discussion that was specifically built around community health and well-being questions and concerns. Dr. Jason Mihalik of the Transforming Health & Resilience in Veterans (THRIVE) Program thoughtfully put together an all-star team for this Deep Dive on mild…
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SOF Health Deep Dive: High Allostatic Load (AKA “Operator Syndrome”)

Following every SOF Team Room, MSOF hosts a Health Deep Dive event to more fully cover the meaty topics that are on the minds of many of us in the Special Operations Community. Check out the replay to join our moderator SGM (Ret) Erick Miyares, Dr. Chris Frueh, Dr. Chris Fowler, and Dr. Bryan Stepanenko…
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Art & Writing Contest for SOF Kids and Teens – Winners & Honorable Mentions!

Judging has concluded and we are thrilled to announce the winners of our Art & Writing Contest for SOF Kids in honor of Month of the Military Child. SOF are the US premier war-fighting community… But what do the eyes of a child see? Thank you to all SOF youth who participated in the contest.…
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SOF Team Room: Transition – Replays & Resources

*More SOF Team Room resources to be added, so check back!* May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a busy time of transition for many of us. Transitions of all types are hard because they bring new tedious tasks and change our expectations, habits, and routines. The transition from service is likely the most challenging…
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Special Operations Families & Setting Goals

Printable MSOF Quick Guide on Goal-Setting Special Operations families often struggle to know and pursue their own interests because of persistent routine change brought on by repeated deployments, training, and moves. When you set goals, you are more likely to manage stress better, pursue your interests and establish lifelong friendships. Military life can make these…
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Resources on Stellate Ganglion Block and Psychedelic Medicine for the Special Operations Community

The SOF Health Deep Dive was a Success Thank you to the health experts, participants, and moderators who made our first-ever SOF Health Deep Dive virtual event a success. Full of reliable information, audience Q&A, and a few spontaneous testimonials, the replay below is a must-view for any member of the Special Ops community wondering…
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SOF Health Deep Dive: Stellate Ganglion Block & Psychedelics

Health Deep Dive Concept As a follow on to the health sprints at the quarterly SOF Team Room events co-hosted by Military Special Operations Family Collaborative and Global SOF Foundation, this SOF Health Deep Dive virtual event is dedicated to answering your questions about hot topics in special ops health and well-being. Deep Dive events…
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It’s Back and Here to Stay – SOF Team Room

Born of the need for open, honest conversation on the impact of 20 years of the Global War on Terror and the Afghanistan withdrawal felt by the special ops community, the Military Special Operations Family Collaborative teamed up with the Global SOF Foundation to develop a virtual space akin to the team room atmosphere well…
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Building Community in Special Operations

Finding People Who Show Up Special Operations can be a difficult community to find your people or “build your tribe.” There are a few reasons for this struggle… Some are mission- or unit-dependent, and some are not. Many Special Operations families stay at one unit for long amounts of time and some choose to live…
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MSOF Organizational Structure

Join the MSOF Health Advisory Boards

MSOF seeks SOF Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses who are invested in the health and legacy of the special operations community to join our Advisory Boards.  The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative is a nonprofit public health initiative for the special operations community. We are working to change the healthcare paradigm in special operations from…
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Special Operations Health in 2021 (& Teasers for 2022!)

MSOF’s Top 5 Achievements of 2021 The final days of 2021 are here, so it’s time to take a quick look back reflecting on this year’s achievements in special operations health and well-being. The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative is just wrapping up its third year as a nonprofit public health initiative for the special…
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MSOF Organizational Structure

Join the MSOF Board of Directors

MSOF seeks Board candidates who are invested in the health and legacy of the special operations community to join our dynamic team.  The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative is a nonprofit public health initiative for the special operations community. We are working to change the healthcare paradigm in special operations from one focused on illness,…
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Bridging Barriers to Care for SOF

To overcome these barriers, the Military Special Operations Family Collaborative takes a three-pronged approach to strengthen SOF community well-being. We research, educate, and connect special operations units, service members, veterans, families, healthcare providers, researchers, military leaders, partnering organizations, and everyone in-between. 
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SOF Team Room: Legacy Beyond the Battlefield

Join this critical conversation on November 9th Following the the end of the War in Afghanistan & 20 years of the War on Terror, Special Operations Forces (SOF) service members, veterans, and spouses alike are struggling with the many sacrifices made over the past two decades. There is a critical need for honest conversation within the community, and MSOF…
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Healthcare for Those at the Edge of War

What Keeps Elite Military Service Members From Health Care They Need? Our elite warfighting community has a unique healthcare problem. They have access to the best of care – emergency care – on the battlefield and the worst of care – acute care – at home. You might be curious how this situation is even possible. How can you…
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kids in front of shot up rusty car in destroyed town

The End of the War in Afghanistan

A Collective Reflection and a Call for Open Conversation from Members of the Special Operations Community It is challenging, maybe impossible, to find acceptable words to describe the thoughts, feelings, and reflections that have coursed through our mind – and heart – the past several weeks. We believe we are no different than anyone else…
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Was it Worth It?

A Veteran, Spouse, Mother and Health Expert’s Perspective following the end of the war in Afghanistan. As we watch the scene in Afghanistan unfold, this seems to be the question that we, as a Nation, are grappling with. More specifically, it is a question that I see so many of my brothers and sisters struggling…
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How to Erase Confusion About Real Food

In my conversations with people about good nutrition, I’ve heard a variety of interpretations of what it means to eat real food. Many people are uncertain about the best way to determine if food is real or not. For some food or food-like foods, it is obvious they aren’t real. What about foods that sound…
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