PCS Move Tips & Resources for Special Ops Families

Moving is a significant, stressful life event. Special operations families often move less frequently than many military families, but regardless of how many moves you’ve experienced, life changes, kids grow, and there are new things to consider. Understanding and addressing your family’s specific needs during this transition is essential. MSOFC compiled five resources to help you get ahead of the changes and reduce the mental load that accompanies a PCS move by using simple checklists. 

Now that you have these resources, here are some critical aspects of your move to consider…

Prioritize Housing and Security

As a special operations family, your safety and security are paramount. When selecting housing options, consider access to resources that align with your and your family’s needs, proximity to military installations, and security measures. Connect with local military housing offices and support services (link) to gather information and make informed decisions that prioritize your family’s health, safety, and success.

Ensure Continuity of Care During a PCS Move

Your family may have unique medical, educational, or emotional needs. It’s crucial to ensure the continuity of care during your move. Connect with your current healthcare providers, therapists, and educators to discuss transitioning your care to your new location. You may even reach out to the incoming providers and educators ahead of your move and share important information, medical records, and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) to ensure a smooth transition for you and your loved ones. Consider contacting the School Liaison Office (link) at your new installation.

Embrace the New Community

A SOF Community Meal Overseas
(Photo courtesy of Angie McLaughlin)

A PCS move offers opportunities for new connections and adventures. Explore special operations support organizations (link), community events, and online forums specific to your new location. Engage with the local community, reach out to neighbors who may become new friends, and make sure you are connected with your new unit or installation. These outlets offer essential resources and support to ease military move and transition-related stress. Embracing the new community can provide a sense of belonging and support as you settle into your new environment.

Seek Support

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming, especially when leaving behind friends and a close-knit community. Remember that it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions during this time. Reach out for support from fellow special operations families, support groups, or counseling services provided within the military community (link). Talking to others who understand all the adjustments that accompany a move can provide comfort and guidance throughout the moving process.

During your PCS move, it’s essential to recognize and address your and your family’s unique needs. Seek emotional support, prioritize housing and security, ensure continuity of care, and embrace new opportunities. Remember that you are not alone in this journey.

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