MSOF is focused on improving the data available about Special Operations families.
MSOF is focused on improving the data available about Special Operations families.

We collaborate with health and well-being through leaders to enhance and elevate unique research into SOF wellness, improve programs designed for military families, and ensure that information and resources available to the community align with best practices.




Since our founding in late 2018, MSOF has been hard at work for SOF families. Our achievements include:

Home Base Partnership

In May of 2021, we established a SOF pillar at Home Base’s Center of Excellence for Service Member and Veteran Health Care to conduct joint clinical research and develop comprehensive treatment initiatives within the family systems model of care. 

Tactical Fitness Challenges

Through family surveys, interviews, and literature reviews, MSOF identified 8 common behaviors that have a detrimental impact on SOF career and family success if continued for more than two years. Our educational programs and resources are focused on helping families build healthy habits to prevent and/or address these behavior challenges.

Advisory Boards

Our Service Member & Veteran Wellness and Family Wellness Advisory Boards consist of experts in the SOF community and meet quarterly to set goals and priorities for MSOF research and programs.


We are proud of the achievements we have made for the community so far, but there's much work still to be done. Future research goals include:

Family Wellness Workshop

Grounded in the work of MSOF Research Director Dr. Christi D. Luby, this workshop will provide military and veteran loved-ones who have been indirectly exposed to combat trauma and operational stress with a self-evaluation tool and relevant supporting resources. 

Research Proposal

This comprehensive, longitudinal study with DoD-connected and clinical partners seeks to validate MSOF’s Tactical Performance Framework models and identify strategies for precise resource-targeting to force and family.

SOF Health Summit

Although MSOF specializes in remote collaboration to meet our community where they are, there is a special synergy that occurs when stakeholders gather in one place to connect and learn from engaged experts and to shape ongoing research. Stay tuned for more information!

MSOF’s Partner Network is a dynamic collaborative effort that aims to elevate and enhance the impact of partnering organizations. Contact us for more information about partnering with MSOF today!