Special Operations Family Members

Our family experience is unique but consistent across our whole community. No one is alone in their experience. 

The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative (MSOF) is a nonprofit, public health initiative for the special operations community. We connect with families and collaborate to get all special operations families the resources they need, when they need them, enabling families to live well and thrive from qualification and beyond. There are unique similarities among current and retired families across the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Special Operations units. Special Operations families are bold, talented, and determined. We shuffle many responsibilities in a life-style characterized by unpredictability and service.

To connect families to effective resources or create new forms of support, we must do a better job understanding our community’s needs, strengths, and challenges. MSOF is a Special Operations, community-wide effort characterized by listening, respect, authenticity, and inclusivity. 

What We Do

MSOF collaborates to understand community needs and works to connect families to effective resources that enhance family well-being. We seek to understand issues that challenge family balance, support, and achievement. To better understand the Special Operations family experience, MSOF conducts anonymous surveys and collects narratives through quick, virtual links. This research contributes to MSOF’s collaborative efforts that create better programs and resources for our community. Ultimately, our work strive to add certainty to the journey of Special Operations families.


MSOF Programs and Resources for Special Operations families.

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PCS Move Resources – Preparing for a move? Use MSOF’s PCS lists to prepare with less stress.

Thriving and Living Well in Special Ops

Learn more about the work that led to the creation of MSOF. Read our founder’s white paper exploring well-being in the Special Operations community.