Researchers & Academic Groups

Special Operations families are unique, and they deserve resources that address their unique needs.

Special Operations families have unique, under-recognized characteristics. This gap in understanding of the Special Operations community contributes to a pool of resources and research efforts that do not fit community needs. This also furthers the growing lack of awareness of resources available to the community. MSOF is focused on improving the data available about Special Operations families and pairing it with relevant research and recognized best practices. Our collaboration with thought leaders enhances unique research, improves programs designed for military families, and ensures that information and resources available to the community align with best practices.

What We Do

MSOF strategically collaborates with impactful organizations and thought leaders to efficiently assist in growing, shaping, and designing new resources that meet family needs and improve well-being of the force and broad community. We believe active collaboration with academics, researchers, and thought leaders is essential to create resources that are impactful and accurate. Our vision for the MSOF Partner Network is ambitious and bold.

It is critical to add certainty to the journey and help Special Operations families live more connected lives. Learn more about the role of researchers and academics in our Partner Network here.

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MSOF’s Partner Network is a dynamic collaborative effort that aims to enhance the efforts of partnering organizations. Join our Partner Network or contact us for more information through the buttons below.

To Learn more about the work that led to the creation of the MSOF. Read our founder’s white paper exploring well-being in the Special Operations community.