Military Special Operations Family Collaborative  

The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative (MSOF) is a public health initiative for the special operations community. We connect with families and collaborate to get special operations families the resources they need to better enable families to live well from qualification and beyond.


INTENTIONAL Acting intentionally is essential for a meaningful life. Our resources help each individual and family live intentionally.

PRECISE Our efforts are driven by research, best practices, and the unique experience of Special Operations families.

BALANCED We believe well-being requires a balanced approach to achievement. Balance is an essential aspect of self-care. 

SIMPLE We believe simple, direct, user-friendly resources are essential in order to enable our families quickly and in their own space.

BOLD We are confident in our mission and determined to make family well-being a reality through creative, unique, and courageous means. 

CONSISTENT Our resources and collaborative efforts are consistently delivered and available through virtual means.


Our approach to collaboration: 


The talent and potential of our families is boundless. To understand precise needs, we must form a collaborative community inclusive of all ranks, ages, and SOF service branches.



We are motivated by bold ideas. SOF families are unique, and our family characteristics are under-recognized and misunderstood. SOF families need resources that respond to their unique day-to-day stresses. 



Family resources must be simple, easy-to-use, and specifically designed with the Special Operations community in mind. Families need resources that are easy to access. 



The civil-military divide threatens national security and isolates our families. We look for opportunities that broaden support and understanding for SOF families. 


The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative (MSOF) was founded to uniquely support the Special Operations Forces (SOF) family. MSOF enables families to achieve and sustain their maximum potential. This requires efforts as diverse and meaningful as the symbolic capacity of the poppy flower. 

The red poppy is broadly used to recognize fallen service members – the most paramount tradition in our community. It became the symbol for Remembrance Day because it flourished on battlefields following WWI. Poppy flowers also signify sentiments of rest, recovery, imagination, beauty, success, consolation, and hope. Poppies are beautiful flowers that thrive in tough conditions – just as the men, women, and children who make-up the Special Operations community.