Impactful Organizations

We collaborate to strengthen support to the Special Operations community.

MSOF strives to be a unifying force across the Special Operations enterprise of families. We work to connect families to good resources and opportunities, and we create tools and resources that directly support and enhance the programs and key functions of our Collaborating Partners. This may include consultation services for: program design and evaluation, practitioner and Board education, unique resources addressing community-specific research and insights, etc.

What We Do

MSOF believes collaboration is necessary for a precise, evidence-based, understanding of Special Operations family needs. Our Collaborative Partner Network is characterized by diverse organizations, past and present Special Operations families, and influential thought leaders sharing insights, questions, and observations. Our vision for the MSOF Partner Network is ambitious and bold.

MSOF’s work broadens the reach and impact of the time, talent, and treasure committed to sustaining the Special Operations community. We are a force multiplier for organizations serving the Special Operations community, adding certainty to the family journey. Learn more about our collaborative work here.

Join our Collaborative Partner Network

MSOF’s Collaborative Partner Network is a dynamic, collaborative effort that aims to enhance the efforts of partnering organizations. You can sign up to join our Partner Network or contact us for more information through the buttons below.

Learn more about the work that led to the creation of MSOF. Read our founder’s white paper exploring well-being in the Special Operations community.