Engaged Citizens

Without the support of American citizens, we fight alone. 

We work to broaden support, understanding, and respect for those who serve. Service members and their families need Americans who are well-informed and aware of the United States role in the world. This requires an informed citizenry that is invested in the future of our country. For this reason, we collaborate with engaged citizens to better understand the gaps between the civilian and military Special Operations experiences.


What We Do

You can’t support what you don’t know. We work to provide resources that enhance understanding and respect for those who serve, defend the USA, and assist the oppressed around the world. Efforts that work to educate the public on civic responsibility, the role of effective government, and the necessity of a national defense broaden support and understanding for military families and enhance local community resources and opportunities. These efforts strengthen communities, make great cities, and are critical for our nation’s future. 


To Learn more about the work that led to the creation of MSOF. Read our founder’s white paper exploring well-being in the Special Operations community.